I have been called by many names; Seductress, Domina, FemDom, humilatrix, Her Majesty, Goddess., Grand and Powerful Contessa Alura (my personal favourite). But I remain as always, …

The original femme fatale!”

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My specialty and realm of desire in BDSM is specifically D/s (Domination and submission), the ultimate power exchange.

As an “Elite Domina”, I transform your fantasies into authentic and unique experiences filled with intense emotions, desire, intrigue, and uncertainty.

I have more than fifteen years of professional experience in many faculties of BDSM. I have mentored many Masters, Mistresses, subs, slaves, tops and bottoms.

I travel the world teaching seminars, workshops, providing demonstrations and offering professional sessions that promote sexual freedom and full self-expression. My intention is to create a space for you to be anything you can imagine yourself to be and unshackle you from the restraints of guilt, shame, or fear so you can give yourself powerfully to my will.

I require enthusiastic consent, mutual respect, and a strict code of conduct (The Lady Respect Code). I’m interested in people who are seeking AUTHENTIC power exchange experiences and are willing to build the level of trust that allows them to submit fully with excitement, dedication, and adoration.

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