* This website is currently being completely revamped. This is a short excerpt about me and more will be added Dec 1-30, 2018. The relaunch date is Jan 1, 2019.*

Your original “FEMME FATALE“, I am known by many names;

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seductress, temptress, Dominatrix, FemDom, humilatrix, Queen, Empress, Goddess, collector of souls, tyrant, destroyer of men/women, enslaver, owner, drill sergeant, Medusa, Kali, Aphrodite, but none more than…

the Grand and Powerful

“Contessa Alura”

My world is D/s (Domination and submission), the ultimate power exchange.

As an “Elite Domina”, I bring your fantasies to life and your psyche on a unique journey every time.

I have more than fifteen years of professional experience in many faculties of BDSM. I have mentored dozens of Masters, Mistresses, subs, slaves, tops and bottoms, and I travel the world teaching sexual freedom and full self-expression. I inspire the possibility of being anything you can imagine yourself to be.

I require enthusiastic consent, mutual respect, and a strict code of conduct (The Lady Respect Code) by instilling values, ethics, love, compassion, excitement, intrigue, and devastating seduction into every session.

I’m interested in people who know a skilled Domina when they meet one and who are seeking AUTHENTIC power exchange experiences.

You cannot help but fall under my spell and surrender yourself to my desire. That is my gift and you have no power over it. My eyes will hypnotize you because in them you will lose yourself, and you will become mine!


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