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Alura1BDSM educator, performer, model, lifestyle Domina and founder of the ALCC,
I am Contessa Alura.


I’m thrilled to be living here in beautiful British Columbia and enjoying time with my family. I relocated from Montreal about a year ago after working many years as a BDSM educator, performer, and Professional Dominatrix. I have always been a strong advocate of alternative lifestyles and marginalized communities not only in my city, but throughout the world on my many travels.

I also decided to move forward on a dream/goal I had for many years and began a non-profit organization called the ALCC (The Alternative Lifestyles Community Centre – thealcc.org) in Montreal in 2010. I’m very proud to say that it is thriving with a team of dedicated and loving volunteers who work hard to keep the centre running strong and we have a fantastic and growing membership. My new dream and goal is that there will be an ALCC in most major provinces in Canada!

At this time I’m happy to meet and friend new people in my area and become a part of the community here or help to build one. I’m also a very ambitious person so I’m interested in starting groups or helping those already existing and looking for support.

Please feel free to message me and as questions!


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