A lovely time at the Edgewater gathering!


What’s this? A splendor of frill and lace?! Oh, I do deeply enjoy beautiful French Maids!!! The more petticoat, flair and poof, the crazier I get. Imagine, this is how I spent my evening, watching the lovely Lace(y) float around the room bending, gathering, serving cake. What a treat! And I didn’t even eat any cake!

The food was excellent and the conversation was so intellectual. I’m amazed at the variety of topics we discussed. I really enjoyed getting to know everyone on a much deeper level.

I’m still “buzzing” over the electric shock collar conversation he, he! A long time ago I became interested in learning about shock collars and how they can be used safely on humans. Then I ordered my very own and was thrilled with how much fun I had with them. For me the fun was truly endless; with a willing victim of course. (excuse the tongue and cheek pun).

The best part of my experience was the incredible effectiveness it had in instantly dropping someone to their knees at my feet! Poor Petal, I’m afraid I had a little too much fun.  I’m so grateful for all those who trust in me and so graciously allow themselves peaceful abandon to my fantasies!

Hugs to everyone and a special hug to Tantric Satyrs for the hot Trojan outfit (that did it for me lol) and to Lacey for making my night and serving so well!!!

– Contessa


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