Priorities, prioritites, prioritites!

I wish I spent as much time on my own website as I did on other people’s. Just looking at how little I’ve posted on this new site makes me feel disappointed. Especially since everything I did up until I published my OWN site has yet to be uploaded or written. Geesh, it seems impossible to keep up.

Then of course I look at what I’ve done SINCE I published my own site and well, it IS impossible to keep up lol. How on earth does anyone do it?

Social media is so incredibly time consuming on it’s own that it seems that’s where people look for information anyway.  Having a website often seems pointless to me since I mostly get contacted elsewhere. It’s the vicious circle of finding time to post on my Facebook so I can find time to post on my website so I can link people from my Facebook to my website!!! Of course that doesn’t even include Twitter, Meet-up, FetLife, Collarme, ALT, and on and on!

Sigh, back in the day it was MySpace or Facebook… now there’s no end lol. Why do people need to have all these different social medias? It’s quite ridiculous to me!

Okay, rant over… for now…

– CA


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