I am available for modelling and prefer working with photographers who are understanding and willing to meet my restrictions. I enjoy working in a relaxed environment with flexible people who are adventurous, creative and daring!

As a model for hire I charge $200 per hour for my time at a minimum of two hours. I’m open to modelling on an exchange basis depending on the shoot, photographer and advantages. However, I require a selection of the results in high quality for personal use regardless of whether or not outfits and accessories are provided.

All photographers are cited and linked to their photos.


  • My eyes and nose must be hidden (hats are perfect for revealing just the right amount and I have plenty of them)
  • I don’t pose nude
  • Photos must be classy and tasteful
  • I require a copy of published material in it’s published version

All photos on my website are available for purchase. Please contact me for details.


I have extensive experience in runway modelling and fashion shows. My rates vary depending on the number of outfits, travel and duration of time needed so please contact me regarding details.

(Filmed at Montreal Fetish Weekend 2011, I am the first model on the runway wearing a custom made designer outfit by Inner Sanctum.

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